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Lamborghini LM 400 Concept

lamborghini truck - LM 400 concept 1
Lamborghini truck LM 400 concept

The LM 400 is a concept vehicle inpired by the 1980s Lamborghini LM 002 which explores a possible return of the brand in the luxury off-road segment. It was created by BA Automotive Design Rene Harrigan at Coventry University.
The goal of this project, developed by Rene Harrigan in December 2005 at Coventry University, was to design a luxury off-road vehicle that could mark the return of Lamborghini in this prestigious segment, to compete against Lincoln, Hummer, Cadillac, Land Rover and other premium brands.

The Lamborghini LM 400 is based on the Audi Q7 Plateform, adopts its all-aluminum structure and a range of engines that includes V8, V10 and V12 units.

The exterior design adopts some of the typical styling cues of the new Lamborghini, pushing the lines a bit further but keeping the overall design balanced given the targeted market niche.

The functionality is enhanced by the foldable rear bench and a lockable, extendible loading floor.

The project included some speculations about the production process, the possible model range and pricing.

The LM 400 features four different body styles: the entry level LM V8, the sporty LM-S, the luxury LM-400 V10 and the high performance LMR, powered by a V12 engine delivering 600hp.

lamborghini truck - LM 400 concept 2
Lamborghini truck LM 400 concept

Estimated prices range from about $54,000 for the entry-level to over $230,000 for the top-of-the-line LMR V12.

Lamborghini LM 002 (1986-1983)

lamborghini truck - LM 002 1
Lamborghini LM 002
The world knows Lamborghini for their sleek Italian sports cars. But what many people do not know is that the Italian car company once experienced with an SUV. The Lamborghini Lm-002 was made from 1986-1993. Named the Rambo Lambo , 301 LM-002′s were made.

The LM-002 was originally meant to be for the US Military. The original model, the Cheetah, had a Chrysler engine but the prototype was destroyed. The same for their next attempt , the Lm-001.

Then came the LM-002. The first civilian model came with a roof mounted stereo system, leather seats, power everything. A very nice luxury SUV. The tires were offered in 2 forms. Pirelli was asked to make everyday use and sand only.

This version was also marketed toward very wealthy Saudi sheik because it was pretty much the best vehicle on sand at the time. Also, it having the same engine as a powerboat was definitely a plus.

The military version was basically the same without some of the luxuries. It did feature mounting points for machine guns though. The Saudi Arabian army ordered 40 of them, all with a hatch on the rear seats. Libyan leader also ordered 100 of them for use in Libya’s military.

In 2004, the American Military actually found one in Iraq that belonged to Uday Hussein. Unfortunately they used it to simulate a car bomb, without knowing its rarity or value at all. It was completely destroyed in the test.

lamborghini truck - LM 002 2
Lamborghini truck LM 002

Would you pay $100,000 for this?  It didn’t last very long. Just ugly.

Lamborghini truck 2012

lamborghini truck 2012
Lamborghini truck 2012

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Return Lamborghini truck

In 2010, according to my personal review is not successful year of the Lamborghini truck. No new excellent models released. Perhaps the only Lamborghini's engineers focused on research into the new expensive super car. And perhaps also the truck so ever is not the strength of the Lamborghini. Let's see those trucks Lamborghini past and present and make comments about them.

lamborghini truck, lamborghini truck 2010, lamborghini truck pictures 1
Lamborghini Truck 1

lamborghini truck, lamborghini truck 2010, lamborghini truck pictures 2
 Lamborghini Truck 2

lamborghini truck, lamborghini truck 2010, lamborghini truck pictures 3
 Lamborghini Truck 3 

lamborghini truck, lamborghini truck 2010, lamborghini truck pictures 4
 Lamborghini Truck 4

lamborghini truck, lamborghini truck 2010, lamborghini truck pictures 5
Lamborghini Truck 5 
Return Lamborghini truck

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For years, the concept to reality "was the theme that embodies the philosophy Lamborghini design and many expect the company to apply this in their concept vehicles .
Lamborghini has begun to create remarkable concept car at the Geneva Motor Show in Frankfurt, where he met with a Lamborghini engine, the style of the cabin forward, four-door sedan Lamborghini concept. And after nearly 20 years more than 100 vehicles produced by Lamborghini truck concept helped to reinvent and maintain its image automaker that is driven by the design and engineering.
lamborghini truck, lamborghini truck 2010, lamborghini truck pictures, truck 1
Lamborghini truck concept
There are two main features concept vehicles play in the Lamborghini. First, show the future design direction for Lamborghini vehicles and trucks. Second, help attract the best young designers in the world to join the design studios of Lamborghini.

lamborghini truck, lamborghini truck 2010, lamborghini truck pictures, truck 2
Lamborghini truck concept

Vehicle program Lamborghini is a concept of opportunity given to creators for their new experiment combination of colors, features, vehicle size and segments. In addition, These concept vehicles shown signs of new design that the manufacturer can be used for future vehicles, although the concept vehicle will not reach production. 

Lamborghini Truck LM002 is one such name which came in to existence between 1986 and 1993 Lamborghini Motor and then it just came up with great driving spark. Since their origin they have maintained quality and are continuing to do so with the assistance of effective designers, technicians, etc. Lamborghini Truck LM002 brought in 4x4 trucks keeping in mind its increase in demand among public.Small packet, big item is what aptly describes such type of Lamborghini Truck LM002 for sale. What makes Lamborghini Truck LM002 remarkable? It is not just the outer look of the truck but at the same time also its usage value. Following are the things which make trucks incredible: Provides good stability. Good stability means truck with proper fuel efficiency. You can find trucks with great fuel efficiency and the load on engine would also get diminished. 
lamborghini truck lm002, lamborghini truck, lamborghini truck for sale
Lamborghini truck LM002
If you are looking for one such truck then which offers good stability then first you need to consider the type of engine it possess and its fuel consumption. In a long run such type of trucks can be quiet advantageous mainly due to their efficient features.Assists in enhancing infrastructure of country How a truck can help in enhancing infrastructure of the country? Same question must be arising in your mind but it is the known fact that trucks, especially used 4x4 trucks have assisted in growth of infrastructure. As these trucks can help driver to efficiently drive in any kind of terrain, this becomes easy to reach out to various places of country.

So even in rough terrain various kinds of raw materials can be reached out and ultimately it would lead to development of infrastructure.Small size, large usage. Quick transportation is the result of using 4x4 trucks for sale. Though they are small in size but their usage value is quiet high. You can load goods efficiently main due to the spacious interior of the truck. It is said that don't go on size, look at the work. Same goes with the Lamborghini Truck LM002 as they offer maximum utility. You will also not have to compromise on quality services as technicians here are always there for your help. Useful on different terrain However may be the terrain, mountainous, watery, muddy, etc, you can efficiently make use of 4x4 Lamborghini Truck LM002. The main reason behind this is the axle generated through engine of truck which makes tire of the truck strong and durable. This gives them strength of running on rough as well as patchy terrain without causing any kind of damage to goods.

All these things make Lamborghini Truck LM002 remarkable and this is the reason behind increase in sale of such type of trucks. Once you understand the importance of such type of trucks, another thing you need to do is look for proper sources from where you can get the desired both 4x4 Lamborghini Truck LM002 and 4x4 pickup trucks. If price is the factor worrying you then compare the trucks offered by various companies and also get in touch with appropriate dealer.

lamborghini truck lm002, lamborghini truck, lamborghini truck for sale
Lamborghini truck LM002
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Lamborghini Chicago

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1. 2010 Murcielago LP650 4WD 2-Dr Roadster V12

lamborghini truck, lamborghini pictures, lamborghini prices 1
Lamborghini prices

lamborghini truck, lamborghini pictures, lamborghini prices 2
Lamborghini prices


2.  2010 Murcielago LP670-4 SV 4WD 2-Dr Coupe V12

lamborghini truck, lamborghini pictures, lamborghini prices 3
Lamborghini prices

- Engine: 6.5L V-12 DOHC with variable valve timing and four valves per cylinder
- Premium unleaded fuel
- Fuel economy: EPA (08):, 9 MPG city, 14 MPG highway, 11 MPG combined and 291 mi. range
- Multi-point fuel injection
- 26.4-gallon fuel tank
- Power(SAE): 670 hp @ 8,000 rpm; 487 ft lb of torque @ 6,500 rpm



2010 Lamborghini Gallardo

lamborghini truck, lamborghini pictures, lamborghini prices 4
Lamborghini prices
  • 5.2L V10 engine 
  • Manual or automated manual transmission 
  • Up to 12 cty/20 hwy mpg 
  • Bluetooth 
  • iPod input 
  • Side/Curtain Airbags 
  • Stability Control 
  • Traction Control

2011 Lamborghini Gallardo LP570-4 Superleggera

lamborghini truck, lamborghini pictures, lamborghini prices 5
Lamborghini prices
ENGINE TYPE: DOHC 40-valve V-10, aluminum block and heads, direct fuel injection
Displacement: 318 cu in, 5204 cc
Power (SAE net): 562 bhp @ 8000 rpm
Torque (SAE net): 398 lb-ft @ 6500 rpm
TRANSMISSION: 6-speed manual with automated shifting and clutch
Wheelbase: 100.8 in Length: 172.7 in
Width: 74.8 in Height: 45.9 in
Curb weight (C/D est): 3400 lb
Zero to 60 mph: 3.1 sec
Standing ¼-mile: 11.1 sec
Top speed (redline limited, mfr’s est): 202 mph
EPA city/highway driving: 12/20 mpg


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