Imagine cruising down Lake Shore Drive at 212 MPH in an Italian Supercar. Seem completely out of reach? Although we discourage speeding, the new Lamborghini LP-670-4 SV does top out at a max speed of 212 MPH and is available from Imagine Lifestyles Chicago. If that seems too fast, perhaps our Lamborghini Gallardo, with a measly top speed of just 196 MPH, might be more your style.
Either way, we can assure you all of Chicago will take notice as you navigate city streets and let the famous Lamborghini engine say hello via its’ signature loud roar. No other vehicle on the streets can compare to a Lamborghini rental. Experience the feeling for yourself with a Lamborghini exotic rental today.
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Lamborghini Chicago

Lamborghini rental in Chicago available through Chicago Exotic Car Rentals . The all-new Lamborghini Gallardo is more that was meets the eyes. Clearly the most exotic car on the market today, and now you can turn your dreams into reality. Rent our all-new Lamborghini Gallardo Spider. The design of the car speaks for itself-- its wheeling exotic looks and overwhelming performance. Rent the Gallardo for that special occasion or surprise your significant other. People don't only stare at this exotic car, they gawk at it. For Lamborghini rental in Chicago, choose Chicago Exotic Car Rentals.

What do you think of when you hear the word Lamborghini? Extreme Luxury, power, comfort and sexy are all words that come to our mind and that’s why we are so excited to be a preowned Lamborghini dealer. Chicago is a great place to live and has many very deserving people of such a high-end vehicle as such a great price at Chicago Motor Cars. If you thought you’d never belong to the elite Lamborghini family, think again! You can start the process of joining today by coming to our lot and checking out our amazing inventory. We know that you deserve to drive an automobile of this caliber and are excited to get you in your very own used Lamborghini. Chicago citizens will be turning their heads as you drive in style to shop at the Magnificent Mile, Navy Pier, Oak Street, State Street, Chicago River Walk, or Millennium Park. You’ll even have the chance to turn President Barack Obama’s head as he calls Chicago his home. We can make your dreams become a reality. What color is your preowned Lamborghini in your dreams? Red? Yellow? Black? White? Purple? Our inventory boasts of many different options to ensure that not only will you drive off our used Lamborghini lot with a Lamborghini, but it will be the Lamborghini of your dreams!